Business Model


Meridian Biopharmaceuticals has its focus on the development of innovative cancer immune therapeutics, with emphasis on monoclonal antibody therapies and multi-epitope cancer vaccines.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the developed countries and the second major killer worldwide (besides cardiovascular disease). The statistical possibility to get the diagnosis cancer in a humans life is 44% in men and 38% in women. In particular, metastatic disease stages of cancer are not (or not sufficiently) amenable to standard cancer therapy modalities such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, and are responsible for the majority of deaths of cancer patients.

The main focus of Meridian Biopharmaceuticals is the development of innovative products in this therapeutic area of huge medical need. The transition of projects to higher development stages, i.e. pre-clinical phase to clinical Phase I or Phase II, or even Phase III in co-development with strategic partners is expected to add profound value.

Primary addressee for Meridians projects is the Big Pharma Industry which is known to accomplish their pipelines more and more by inlicensing strategies.

Long time revenues for Meridian will be realized via royalties and milestone payments.