Company History


Meridian Biopharmaceuticals& GmbH was founded in April 2008 by the four main shareholders Dr. Markus Fido (PhD), Dr. Andreas Nechansky (PhD), Dr. Dr. Ralf Kircheis (MD; PhD) - all of whom previously held key positions at Quality Control, Analytical Operations and Research & Development at Biotech and Big Pharma, respectively, - and Mag. Armin Franz from Auditreu Tax Consulting, who is responsible for financial and tax aspects.




April 2008

Foundation of Meridian Biopharmaceuticals
Appointment of Dr. Markus Fido as Managing Director

August 2008

Closing buy out IP and projects from Igeneon insolvency mass

September 2008

Management Buy-Out


Signing a license and production agreement for MB 314 with Greenovation


Start capital from first investor