MB 40x


MB 40x represents a technology platform for design of synthetic multi-epitope cancer vaccines where epitopes from several tumor-associated antigens are coupled to a highly immunogenic carrier molecule, and formulated in a highly immunogenic formulation. Proof of concept has been shown with the SialylTn containing prototype vaccine MB 402.
MB 40x will be applied to patients by subcutaneous immunizations followed by a series of follow-up applications.



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Kircheis R, Vondru P, Zinocker I, Haring D, Nechansky A, Loibner H, Mudde GC. Immunization of Rhesus monkeys with the conjugate vaccine IGN402 induces an IgG immune response against carbohydrate and protein antigens, and cancer cells. Vaccine, 24: 2349-57, 2006

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